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Die Kaiserzeit
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Opening our eyes in Terra Dominium...


Guten tag meine Freunde.

Day 3 29-01-2021

That’s the day when my eyes were open in this new reality….

I woke up in Lower Austria, when the world was in their foundations.
So, I was there, beginning to see how everything works.

In a previous life, I was there, existing with new and old colleagues. Some with enough age to teach others how everything was built. We told them the rules and how everything works in that world.

People who are new, and people who are there to teach them how we do things.

Still, this is something different…
A new path…

Many of you may be new to this kind of stuff, others do not…
So what is this Terra Dominium About?


First of all, we need a society.
Society will be the one that will make you stay here. So when I came here, I came here with 2 friends, but as everything looks like… Some other friends and people I know had joined here. From various countries.

As everything is very new here, People are organizing how they will build their countries. Some of them came in groups, and others created their society from scratch. This is important as we are social individuals. We need to be in groups of people. If we want to survive in this hard world. This hard and hostile world. Where the most primitive instincts may rule in individuals. And because nothing is written, we are the current pioneers of that.

Do some of you readers become the founder of their nation?
Time will say.


The Military module is quite… interesting.
It is familiar, of course, but is also different.

In a nutshell, you can be promoted, or also regulated. All depending on your damage. And here you don’t need strength, just weapons.

As every round have 6 hours difference, is not a big issue with time-zones.

So, I decided to name my weapons giving them a name according to locations, This is how “El Sinaloense” was born. And every certain time, they grow. All the battles, their defeats, and their victories remain there as part of them.

All these weapons are part of the current expansion and rise of Empires. Some benevolent, and some not so belenovent. All this from the society that built them. Of course, Destruction comes here as well. So here, what are you? a Builder? a destroyer?


If we see why some countries expanded further, we can understand something: Economics Matter.
But economics here is built based on what we do in the battlefield. All with the regions we have.

So resources are important for that. Mainly to get Stamina Kits, or Ammo. That means we need Coal, Wood, Oil, Water and Iron.

Yeah, pretty much, isn’t?

I did not forget Plants, of course. But all this depends how well you can manage pollution (Something that I think might be very useful ;) ).

So if you know how you can play in the military field, if you want to be a warrior, or a businessman, is how you will move on the economy.


And we got into here. The nice stuff in Politics.

What kind of country do we want to build?
An Empire? Maybe. Or what about a Republic? It could be.
For this, you will need more people. Everyone can do a specific task.

I know I can do 2 things: Diplomacy, and Planification.
Planification for us will determine how we build our countries, and what reputation we give ourselves.

There are 5 Positions. President (Which seems interesting) Vice President (Is supposed to be the person in charge if the President is not there) Minister of Defense (The one who organize the military stuff) Minister of Home Affairs (The one who is in charge of the Domestic issues, like pollution, regions, and how every player is doing it) and Ministry of Forein Affais. (My speciality)

But those are the official ones. You can have more if you want. All depending on the necessities you have.

We have political parties, which can be ideological, or not. All depending on the players. And there is also some other stuff you can do, according to the necessities of your society.


This is something I personally like: And how I plannified some stuff about our country. Looking at maps and deciding what to do. Doing strategies according to geography is one of the things I like the most. I feel there are a lot of things we can do to improve this module, but I also congratulate the efforts from the admins. This is totally in their main steps, but to build a house, you need to put the first brick.

Another aspects:

I think the world fee is totally nice. Or at least the intentions. We can sell stuff there. The Media has so much potential here. All depending on the quality of our writers.


After being 12 days here, I can say something: I am here to stay, and I might try to bring friends here. I could have a Colonial Empire, or create a Colony, and have a good time with my friends. We can learn to interact with each other to accomplish negotiations.

Remember, this is just the beginning of something. And you decide what is that something.

With nothing else to add...
Your Austrian MoFA

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  • I dont like ranks, rewards should be divided, not the total damage. *Lites his torch*