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Imperial Missive
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[Article #018]: We Should Handle China...


Picture this: a young, new and zealous Nowe - Uzbek Khagan, degenerate of the mud, caked in the blood, sweat and tears of a thousand crying orphans from Greece. The war that is waged is tedious and stale, and multiple alliances spring up from the depths of hell to support one another against common interests.

Despite the world being young, it is bustling with activity and rife with tensions - wars fought rapidly, chaos of the wastelands bringing injustice to those who assumed their conquest empires would not falter (because the conquest and war system should have just been merged, and had it the landscape of the world would be vastly different than it is now-). Haughty hilltop kings in one man nations fought bitterly to protect the sixteen regions they desperately claimed to deserve, hubris in the face of well conditioned and composed organized militias desiring nothing more than to wreck havoc on their feeble pixel lands of sovereignty.

There was but one, long ago, beneath the mass of excess greed and desire for empires and expectation of carving out their "real life territories", or bitter handling of petty drama brought over from another alternate universe:

Nowe: If we don't attack and get rid of China now, they're just going to steamroll everyone else later. If we work together, they can't handle all of us, no matter how organized they are.

The world laughs, cowers, or simply remains under China's table making disgusting schloop schlurp sounds depending on the region - with the "Samurai Pride" being nothing less than bent over, and the Moroccan sheikh's being little less than pimps for their ladyboys in Rwanda - who, if touched even remotely, would deliver a shrill screech as if they were the offspring of obese Karens worldwide. As China rolls through Central Asia and Eurasia with ease after temporarily being screwed by how overpowered one braincell Finns could be, they proceed to huehuehuehue as if they were the Brazilian population of the game - their desire to maintain an image of purity and heroics justifying every act they take as self-defense-- the same way law enforcement justifies brutality to the highest degree when a simple shot to the leg could have all but been necessary to subdue their target. It is this contradiction within their excess of force that drives many to believe them nothing short than fascist, despite simply being more eager to engage and win than those who circlejerk their pixel lands, continental alliances, and self-righteous values of "no one likes war duh."

Nowe: We should really deal with China, or at least Rwanda. It makes absolutely no sense that people are just allowing this to happen unopposed. What the hell is going on.

Tucked tails and cowardice brings the world to a stale, and as things steadily grow malnourished, China fiddles its thumbs and lets out a loud sigh. The wars of the nomad king looks fun -- pillaging and raiding the Western Guard to test their unity, to determine just how strong their alliance was. Secret alliances were made, and the Clown Khagan continued diligently, nonchalant, much to the disdain of the world he continued to insult and rile. You see, everyone needs an enemy - and it can be a single nation, a single person, or a mere idea. The wars of Latin America serves as training, building up their weapons and his own, before disappearing just as quickly as he came. There was never anything personal with them, and there was always a bigger picture at the end of the road.

Nowe: How the hell has no one dealt with China? Honestly at this point you guys deserve to lose. I've been saying the same thing since day 20-ish and everyone's pikachu_shocked that China's kicking everyone's ass, and people are STILL-- you know what, everyone should just join China.

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  • Yes, fight back! Resist us...

  • Everyone seems to be joining China. noone ever fights back so i assume they all like getting conquered :D