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100 Days of TD


Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be nice to make an article every 100 days with a bunch of statistics about the game. Much like WoodS BR already legendary monthly GDP articles from his DOMINUM newspaper!

Before we start I like to mention that these are statistics from the first 100 days, we started from nothing and growing into something so it will be hard to make conclusions but its a good starting point and reference point for future articles.

So lets start off with the TD world economy and what better then to start with Gold Gold, the life blood of the economy!

As you can see on day 100 we had Gold5.365.525 in the game of which roughly 50% is sitting in inactive accounts. So the "real" number of gold floating around in TD on day 100 was Gold2.664.882

Everyday there is an amount of gold that comes into the game like MysteryBox rewards, Medal rewards, etc. But at the same time there is also an amount of gold that is leaving the game like asset cost or weapon upgrade cost etc. We call this gold Influx and gold Sink as shown in the above graph.

The numeric value between the gold influx and gold sink is interesting as it shows us what happens with the total gold supply in the game. In the first 100 days we had the total gold supply grow an average of Gold33.990 per day. But if we exclude the days before we tweaked the battle round rewards and battle hero medal reward then the average drops to Gold13.977.

And when we take the total active gold supply on day 100, a Gold13.977 increase per day is roughly 0.5% inflation. Now in general I wouldn't be happy with a 0.5% daily inflation but on day 1 the total gold supply was zero so I think as the total gold supply grows the daily inflation percentage will decrease. Honestly I think its too early really to make any judgements on the inflation right now, but it will be very interesting to see how these numbers develop during the year.

Okay next up Resources and Materials:

When looking at the resources, almost all of them except PlantsPlants and Ironiron have reached 1.000.000 on day 100 within the game. Interestingly the tweak where we increased the material production cost with 100% barely registers in the above graph. To me it seems we still have an issue with ever growing resource piles but we have had good discussions about it on Discord in the Quasi's Workshop channel. One idea i still like is making region development no longer cost materials but resources instead. Because lets be honest, everyone rather uses their materials to build consumables and we are sitting on useless piles of resources... So it makes sense to change that. And of course there are some other ways we can make resources more useful in the future, but they require adding entire new features, where the region development change is merely a tweak. In conclusion, the ever rising global resource pile its still something i feel we should improve upon.

Materials on the other hand are in a pretty good place right now, global supply is fairly stable. It is however interesting to see the sudden stockpiling of plastic since day 85.

Next up Damage and Players:

You can clearly see the early damage spikes which was the Asian war against Finland and secondly you can see the biggest damage spike which can be contributed to AlexDeSouza legendary damage dump.

Lastly we have our active players graph, the ever decreasing playerbase. Frankly this is my biggest concern as i feel this game really starts to come into its own with a +1000 active playerbase. I know it is evening out and we will continue to develop this game no matter what but I do like to ask you all to please help us attract more player. I genuinely feel it will benefit everyone if there is more people playing it. Not to mention using your referral link can be a great way to make gold! So please, if you like the game and its development please consider spreading the word about Terra Dominium. It will be much appreciated!

In conclusion, I can't wait to see what the next 100 days bring! And I'll be sure to make another article about it Happy

Thanks for sticking around and supporting our project! We love you all!

[Admin] Quasi

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  • Good job, it's quite a nice start Happy

  • nice

  • Very good job Admin! The game is on track, I know we'll get far.

    Mob Targaryen
  • awesome article

  • Oh, Mito IS Nowe... that explains it.

  • [Admin] Quasi Mito is just crying over the fact that Nowe was banned for being an asshole.

  • thanks for mention me in article. 🇧🇷

    WoodS BR
  • Mito you think we are unique in having a player decline after the initial launch surge? I think all games have this regardless how good or bad the devs are. And to be clear I have never banned someone for helping the "project" or community so the joke is on you.

    [Admin] Quasi
  • Good article and thanks for mention me in article. ❤️

  • Great article, thanks. I miss the part about goldmines.

    voros oroszlan
  • a very nice article to see the development of the game.

    Rick Grimes
  • Bravo o7

    The Guardian
  • nice stats!
    see you in 100 days Happy

  • @Mito, you are completely wrong, all multies need to be ban, there is no discuss about that..

    @AdminTeam, your job is to make plan how to bring more players, I asked several players, no one interested. On the other hand, you make very good stability of the game and no more crashing, gj!

  • 3 days offline = unactive right? and btw we reach 2777 accounts now Happy))

  • maybe if you didn't act like a child in a server and ban someone assisting in trying to do justice to your "project", you wouldn't have a decreasing playerbase. if you want to attract more players, maybe listen to them more - which you weren't before. if you want to keep players, don't screw them over in the future when people have legitimate complaints for good reason. cool?

  • plant and iron materials are the cheapest on the market, but also the least generated, it seems curious to me

    Sidor Stark
  • Good stuff!

  • nice

  • o/ Oh Canada!

  • we should kiss to break the tension

    Moi Targaryen
  • Yeiiii

    XBrotherX Targaryen