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Archegos Capital
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Global coverage of the materials market.


The data that will be passed on, are for guidance in the business of the market. All your actions are your responsibility.

The average price and the number of resources sold.
Data for this month of May.

Steel - Average Price : 0.80 - Number of items sold: 170.636

Plastic - Average price: 0.69 - Number of items sold: 521,592

Energy - Average price 0.94 - Number of items sold: 264,069

Herbs - Average price 0.82 - Number of items sold: 168,956

How to use this data, if you buy items below their average price and sell on it, there is a high chance that your sales order will be executed and you can make a good profit. Use this knowledge at your own risk, but there is a high possibility that everything will go well.

It is not an investment recommendation, I am not responsible for anything, good deals.

I'm sorry for my English, it's a google translation.

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