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The situation of Croatia


Hello people of TD
I would like to inform how things are going and whats coming for Croatia , a recently reborn Country for those who didnt know Happy

Well the Beggining
Of Croatia Started with me Fikip and Nanet My Girlfriend , i really wanted to start a new country. Since the game is still so small , i really think we needed more countrys , more action.. Lucky for me i went for seach of new warriors , and found Alimilano a RL Croat wich works with me at pair and things have really been working good since we started :D thumbs up for u Alimilano

The Present
I always had alot of Contacts and Friends , quickly after i saw that Croatia was Wiped looker for a way to free the Country and i found amazing help from Canadá but mostly our dear mother Eliseya , she started sending new starters to us , so i could teach them basics how to play the game and also help us too growing in numbers Happy , also i did propaganda trying to bring people. Because we really still need help , we need people for government with passion for this game and our group thats why i always keep looking for new blood in people Happy

The Future
Of our dear Croatia .
Now we are attacking the original Croatian regions wich we're part of serbia. They took it while croatia was empty and thats completely fine , but we would like to have them back , we still remain Neutral at all , trust me , Croatia doesnt have allies or alliance or something like that , just Friends for now Like Canadá
Enemys we dont have .. for Now , if anyone dare disturb our peace and our Dream to start this new born country will see what we are capable of.

And thats all for now my dear readers , thanks for ur time , keep urself informed :D !

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  • Good Luck o7

    The Guardian
  • My best wishes! Good luck in your new project!

    Mob Targaryen
  • All the best o7

  • o7

  • Exigimos la devolución de Eliseya, con ello podemos reforzar los lazos de amistad entre nuestras dos naciones.

  • Mandate unas croatas para acá

  • Amonos que si se puede gente

  • Wish you all best

  • Bienvenidos al juego.

  • o7

  • Awww, muchas gracias por la mención tanto de Canadá como mía... Nuestros mejores deseos para Croacia.

  • many support in your project from Rwanda ! ;)