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Progress Update 5

Day 90     20:02     26-04-2021

Hey Everyone,

Now that we have a working test server we can deploy our changes first there to test it before uploading to the live server. This way we can also give you a dev news at the same moment that we upload the changes making it more current.

So as you read this Dev News the following changes have just been implemented in TD:

- When a player joins an inactive party, he should automatically become Party Leader
- New notifications when someone joins an inactive political party and becomes leader
- New Political Party Timeline when someone joins an inactive political party and becomes leader
- New Player Timeline when he/she joins an inactive political party and becomes leader
- When a Political Party Leader goes inactive then on day change a new Political Party Leader is chosen among active members, based on who is member of the party the longest. If there are no active members the new leader is chosen from active initiatives.
- New Notification when a new Political Party Leader is selected on day change
- A new Political Party Timeline when someone is selected as new Political Party Leader on day change
- Added Sofort and Ideal payment option in the Bonus Shop (not all countries will have these options)
- Added option to spend 1 token to increase the stamina capacity from 100 to 200 for 7 days (this can be done on the inventory page)
- Added ability to use Antidote Kit when not sick
- Added the ability to “stack” active Antidote Kit and Stamina Booster. (For example if you have an active Stamina Booster for 23h remaining you can activate another Stamina booster you increase the timer with another 24 hours.)

- Added extra check to prevent double resource gains
- Changed timer format in sidebar from MM:SS to HH:MM:SS

- Fixed Congress Candidacy Retraction
- Making sure that inactive or banned player names are displayed as grey and red with strikethrough consistently everywhere.
- Fixed message bug that made all messages show “aa”
- Fixed Asset build standings modifier for standing >50
- Fixed wrong amount of total country citizens
- Fixed negative region contribution on region level up
- Fixed not being able to sent message to multiple people at the same time
- Fixed visual bug of asset creation price being displayed with red color even though player is able to build it
- Fixed some typos throughout the website
- Fixed bug that also reset the positive standings when reset standings congress proposal passed.
- Fixed Battle Order bonus not being added to damage total
- Fixed Launch skins not being included in the chance to spawn on Weapon Mods

DISCLAIMER: As we are still getting used to this new upload system we did upload some of these changes onto the live server during last week (So they are not all 100% new uploaded today).

  • sagari, you can have many consumables stacked and activated at the same time.

    [Admin] Syran 23:30 29-04-2021
  • @rompecolchon, and bugs are there to be fixed ;)

    [Admin] Syran 23:28 29-04-2021
  • Good job

    Sharx 05:36 27-04-2021
  • Nice mint

    Narusawa 02:45 27-04-2021
  • the update came with bugs

    rompecolchon 01:37 27-04-2021
  • okay !

    Nanet 22:12 26-04-2021
  • great!!!

    Rayit 21:36 26-04-2021
  • Happy

    XBrotherX Targaryen 21:06 26-04-2021
  • How many stack per consumables items ?
    2 ? Or more ?

    sagari 20:40 26-04-2021
  • cool

    BarathJoco 20:29 26-04-2021
  • Cool

    The Guardian 20:26 26-04-2021
  • Nice!

    Leperkawn 20:19 26-04-2021
  • Loot booster pls :D

    MichahelPlays 20:08 26-04-2021