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Progress Update 4

Day 75     20:50     11-04-2021

Hello Everyone!

Time for another little progress report.

The main thing that I want to highlight is the fact that we seem to have solved all the stability issues! We haven’t had a crash in almost 2 weeks now! Also we have improved the loading speed of the map significantly! These are huge victories for us and we are very happy they are now resolved!

They did take a lot of time to fix tho, so the below list might be a little smaller then usual but I think for good reason.

- Add section to Global Shouts where devs can post announcements

- NAPs now only have duration of 30 days (no longer unlimited)
- When you are CP in a country you should always be able to resign from CP position
- You should be able to reinvite a player into government after they resign or get kicked.
- Enable region page access while not logged in

- Some players didn't get their Resistance Battle medal after a bug fix
- Repeating battle round
- Peace events show one of the countries as wasteland
- Patron point lose for inactive players wasn't subtracted correctly
- Pagination of country statistics didn't work correctly with certain filters
- Player was unable to start new Resistance Battle after the recent Resistance Battle tweaks
- Some regions did not get proper “Not Connected to Capital” penalty
- When merging 3 mods, you should not get as result one of the mods that was used in the merge
- Peace Treaty rejection notification didn't not display the countries properly and the vote ratio was missing
- NAP congress proposal notification doesn't identify correctly who made the proposal
- The Battle ending time in the event section displayed (HH:MM) instead of actual numbers
- Notification about changing title of party members shows (citizen_changed) instead of player name
- Battle round award notification shows (damage_amount) instead of actual dmg
- Retracting government candidacy would still leave a shadow candidacy that prevented players from getting new CS
- The Zealot medal notification did not display the correct medal name
- The asset destroy penalty did not subtract correctly after day change
- The country president weapon mod didn't work in certain scenarios
- Date shows wrong month in medal description.
- The display bug of 2 NAPs with same country appeared again
- Maybe related to the previous bug: players are unable to terminate NAP because country they have NAP with doesn't show in the drop down menu
- “After we made peace treaty we got a NaP with the country, but we can't launch the law to undo the NAP.” Error: "There is a NAP active for the selected country!"
- Peace Treaty congress Proposal was accepted but War was not ended.
- Appointed government not having any rights if appointed within 5 days before elections
- There is a Generator rounding error. Income value is floored instead of rounded up.
- Display of total amount of players sent to hospital was shown incorrectly
- Duplication of text in found message: "Antidotekit Kit"
- NAP terminate proposal did not end the NAP
- Make sure the [admin] title shows up everywhere for the admins
- Fix battle dot location on the map for Bucovina and Crisana
- Division System didn't correctlyaccount for the average global military medal amount yet
- Region Pool should not border the region Northern Moldova
- On market SELL tab, taxes popover doesn't update when you change price
- Congress archive doesn't have rounded percentage values for votes
- Building assets from the region page gave an error
- The Join War button on country page didnt link correctly

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    Dallak 12:01 12-04-2021
  • Thanks!

    Nicolás Furia 11:09 12-04-2021
  • Keep it going! Make plan how to bring players Happy

    OmarMali 09:38 12-04-2021
  • Three cheers to stability!

    Vlad 04:49 12-04-2021
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    El Cela 00:41 12-04-2021
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    MOHA 23:08 11-04-2021
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    Baku 22:23 11-04-2021
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    The Guardian 22:09 11-04-2021
  • Many congratulations on achieving the stability of the game!

    Mob Targaryen 21:04 11-04-2021
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    Stryker 21:01 11-04-2021
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    XBrotherX Targaryen 20:59 11-04-2021
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    Sharx 20:59 11-04-2021
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    LordVirra 20:56 11-04-2021
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    Perry94 20:55 11-04-2021
  • so much text

    Laconia 20:53 11-04-2021