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Progress Update 3

Day 48     16:58     15-03-2021

Hello everyone,

It seems I'm doing these every 20 days or so :P but yea I'm a bit late this time.

As a small insight into our efforts; We have collectively worked over 400 hours on the game in February.

The progress list:

- If the Citizenship request quota for the month is reach, the government should be able to spend 100g per additional player
- Add hard cap of 50% to Loot drop rate per region
- You can no longer use the hospital of a country you are at war with
- Max 1 resistance battle started per person at the same time
- Starting RB will give -25 standings with the country you start the RB in But if you then win the RB you get +25 standings with the country you RB for. Only if you win tho
- Traitor Penalty: Fighting on battle side of country you have -50 negative standings with or your country is at war with gives a -75% DMG penalty
- After divisions are set at day change there is 1 more check, all players with above average amount of military medals (all military medals of active players / all active players) who are still in novice after divisions are set at day change will be promoted to expert.
- Add “medals” to country statistics
- Added Traitor Penalty Icon
- Added Asset Build Tax Icon
- Added Asset Repair Tax Icon

- When player is not in one of the battle regions, he should be able to choose where he wants to travel to.
- Change Both event types to All event types
- Increase the influence cost of starting a resistance battle from 10 to 25 influence
- Add timers on the congress proposals (instead of static end date)
- Add ambulance chaser medal process on action message
- Add factory worker medal process on action message
- Increase resource cost for materials by 100%
- Increase cost of speedup production line from 8 stamina + 200 resources to 9 stamina + 250 resources
- Increase speedup cooldown timer from 8 hours to 10 hours, which gives 3 eco prestige if at least 9 hours are sped up. 2 for at least 6 hours, 1 for at least 3 hours. Below 3 hours no eco prestige
- Reduce default pollution capacity from 3000 to 1000
- Reduce pollution capacity for each region level from 1000 to 500
- Increase default health risk from 1% to 1% per 25% of region polution capacity and it's hard capped at 4% default health risk
- Increase generator bonus per region level from +1% to +5% but hard cap it at 100%
- Increase gold and resources reward of mission 1 from 100 to 250.
- Remove unfriend notification
- Updated weapon level design to allow weapon level above 999 to be displayed correctly
- Updated map pollution filter colors
- Resized flavicon

- Country policy of material production does not show in the preview production output on the material production line, but it does add correctly to the actual production, visual bug only
- After commenting on the Country Newspaper, player is unable to delete his comment.
- Bonus/Penalty don't show properly when no battle side is selected
- Reporting comments not working, popup shows an error "undefined variable"
- Players who try to register get a blank validation email (server move related)
- When clicking in "travel" on the map in region details, it doesn't pre-fill correct country and region (flag icon is correct tho)
- After choosing a battle side, clicking "Travel to this region" doesn't always take you to pre-selected region
- During the government elections you could rediscover countries without becoming president
- Day change seems to have happened one hour too early (server move related)
- Attack button on battle page shows wrong side region name and flag
- CP was able to apply for congress elections
- Player was unable to retract congress candidacy
- At daychange when there is no active government and there is active citizen the active citizens would be set as CP doesnt work
- Terminate NAP > Multiple duplicates shown in target country dropdown list
- Display of weapons for wrong battle side
- the first donation of 1 gold was not counted for region development. All other donations after that went through correctly.
- Hospitals with level higher than 1 still give and display 1 health per 5 minutes
- Edit weapon name error
- Still being stuck in hospital when using a health kit and be fully healed
- Notification of resource silo medal does not show
- Treasury log seems to list each individual expense instead of grouping it and logging it on DC
- Players should be able to create a lvl 1 weapon even with negative gold
- Notification says he bought the skin from himself (also happens for mods)
- The duration of the stamina booster is maybe 2 hours longer (26h)
- Visual bug of double Material Production bonus
- Notification about leaving congress has wrong user name in it
- Pending proposals do not show options to vote
- Wrong congress shown on war declaration page
- Delete comment doesn't work. Confirmation popup appears but comment is not deleted
- Divisions not updating on DC
- Battle round shows timer with over 6 hours
- Pollution capacity default is 3000 and each level gives +1000 so total should be 4000 for level 2 region, not 6000
- Prevent duplicate friendship requests
- Filtering assets by a type you have zero of removes the filter completely (like pick a country + asset type combo that returns nothing)
- Can't open Mystery Box after day change
- Region development was upgraded with negative values
- Players get notification they are fully healed when they are at 99/100. They are checked out only 5 minutes later when they are fully healed
- In China Peace proposal to Japan was accepted twice, transferring twice the gold amount
- War Declaration rejected with 100% votes.
- Nobody in congress voted for proposal. It shows in Congress page as rejected but it still goes through, only visual
- Player gets error when submitting Government candidacy "You are already a government candidate!"
- It's possible to declare war with a country while having a NAP
- Citizenship request slots still show 10/10 after term change but citizenship are still accepted
- Distance from region Kurzeme (567) to Aukstaitjia (590) (Both Lithuania) shows wrong distance
- NAP not displaying on country page, visual bug only
- Notification shows NAP ended between Wasteland and Wasteland
- Removing comment on dev news doesnt work. Confirmation popup appears but comment isn't deleted.
- Lvl 11 Hospital of Birobidzhan (818) has timer of 30 days to heal 21 health
- Text of Fabricate Claim in New South Wales (63) says region is now occupied by Wasteland. Should be Colombia (30)
- Some Players became CP by "Explorer rediscovers country!" In the same day they became a citizen of other country but were not kicked from Gov position
- Battambang (167) is in south east asia (cambodia) but if you want to move to this region from south east asia you have to spend as much energy as like going to region in africa.
- Destroy penalty not increasing when destroying an asset for the second time
- Standings bars are not showing
- "Repair all assets" option not working

Last edited: Day 116     17:05     22-05-2021
  • Superb. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Vlad 12:49 16-03-2021
  • GreatπŸ‘πŸ‘

    JustinHunterz 11:40 16-03-2021
  • Nice πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™

    Narusawa 02:30 16-03-2021
  • Airforce like the article state 400 hours in the month FEBRUARY

    [Admin] Quasi 22:59 15-03-2021
  • 400 hours since launch? 400 hours seems very low for the whole site from scratch, kudos if so. It's a really polished alpha

    Airforce 22:27 15-03-2021
  • I personally think increasing the cost to start a RB should be 100 influence.. That would have also solved the mass RB farming :shrug:

    Fyr 22:09 15-03-2021
  • Good work πŸ‘

    OmarMali 20:43 15-03-2021
  • Nice

    Graff 19:33 15-03-2021
  • to upgrade* also caping the level pollution at 500 from 1000 is also wrong, too much changes on just one aspect of the game without balancing it towards helping plains coop with the changes!!

    Mr_DarkWish 18:34 15-03-2021
  • Good job on the fixed and the new Additions but the solution tweak Its wrong, you can not just decrease the pollution amount after we have build already our generators, nor when you double the amount of recourses needed to make the materials to upgra

    Mr_DarkWish 18:32 15-03-2021
  • Good job admins.

    Mob Targaryen 17:54 15-03-2021
  • Mucho texto

    Dr. Sheehan 17:33 15-03-2021
  • Quasi's Bugs solving is intense

    Baku 17:23 15-03-2021
  • Quasi is more faster than my fingers. F

    XBrotherX Targaryen 17:19 15-03-2021
  • Tsitoy no bro, the beta is over. This is official game

    XBrotherX Targaryen 17:18 15-03-2021
  • Tsitoy this is not beta. We will however keep changing and improving the game as its one of our core principles.

    [Admin] Quasi 17:17 15-03-2021
  • Yei

    XBrotherX Targaryen 17:17 15-03-2021
  • Nipeks yes we will change the way we communicate the updates in the future

    [Admin] Quasi 17:15 15-03-2021
  • Guys im sorry to ask but this is a beta game? We still make tests? Cuz im going to change second time the way i play cuz admins change things every 15days. If its beta let me know to Come back when its rdy.

    Tsitoy 17:14 15-03-2021
  • Good work

    Sharx 17:08 15-03-2021
  • Maybe next time you publish the news like a day before the update or at the same time???
    Who cares what happened in an update a month ago?

    Nipeks 17:08 15-03-2021
  • Mmmhm.

    Geno 17:03 15-03-2021