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Progress Update 2

Day 24     23:20     19-02-2021

Hello @everyone Happy

So It’s been a while since the last progress update, I haven’t figured out a schedule yet when to release these… Just been winging it I guess ;)

A small important little note first! We will try to move to the new server tomorrow, so if you cant login tomorrow don’t worry we are working on the new server. No progress will be lost but we don’t know how long it will take so maybe stay tuned on discord for updates during the day.

As for the Progress list:

-Added; Confirmation popup when using repair kit on weapon in inventory

- Tweaked; Made division calculations more explanatory in citizen statistics
- Tweaked; Country Timeline event to also list the newly appointed president
- Tweaked; Region Default Income to be more balanced
- Tweaked; Hidden apply button on election page for political party elections if you don’t have a political party yet
- Tweaked; Max battle order subsidy from 25g to 100g
- Tweaked; Reduced Battle Hero medal reward from 900g to 300g
- Tweaked; Reduced battle round rewards from 300-200-100 to 100-75-50
- Tweaked; On active Wars page we order the battles now by battle round time ending

- Fixed; Health Risk on Region page didn’t display correctly
- Fixed; Players get stuck at 499 prestige
- Fixed; Prevent players from taking country name as player name
- Fixed; Divisions are still not fully calculated correctly
- Fixed; Pagination on ticket page
- Fixed; Can’t donate last material to region development
- Fixed; Donate to region did not give correct patron points
- Fixed; Zoom of the map
- Fixed; Can’t donate to country treasury
- Fixed; War battles don’t seem to end properly
- Fixed; Health button not working on the sidebar while on battle page
- Fixed; Stamina button not working on the sidebar while on battle page
- Fixed; Repair button not working on the battle page
- Fixed; Players with Antidote immunity are still getting sick
- Fixed; Some filters that didn’t work
- Fixed; Banned players didn't show as banned on the country political page
- Fixed; Government elections
- Fixed; Övörkhangai didn’t have a border with Bulgan
- Fixed; Region Development donations stopped working
- Fixed; Pagination on Profile Friend list
- Fixed; Banned players seem to be counted in division calculations
- Fixed; Battle round percentage not rounded to correct decimals
- Fixed; exploit where players could steal skins and mods from other players
- Fixed; Resistance battles not ended correctly
- Fixed; Region Development cant be triggered to level up
- Fixed; Can’t donate to Region Development if there is an active cease fire
- Fixed; An error when applying weapon mod on weapon
- Fixed; Consumable filter on the market page
- Fixed; Capital attack penalty on battle page not showing
- Fixed; Material production policy not working as intended
- Fixed; Duplicate NAPs showing on the Country page
- Fixed; Loyalty medal was not given at 100 standings (still getting reports on this, so we will have to investigate further)
- Fixed; Giving someone an ingame warning shadow banned them for no reason
- Fixed; Rejecting CS removed one of the 10 available CS applications per term
- Fixed; Political Party Candidacy remained after party was disbanded
- Fixed; Weapon Mod Merging validation
- Fixed; Goldmine income being incorrect in goldmine regions
- Fixed; Region connection between region 369 and 679
- Fixed; Region connection between region 369 and 797
- Fixed; Region ocean connection for region 456
- Fixed; On Region page the pagination no longer works when past page 3
- Fixed; Pollution filter on map
- Fixed; Foreign Relations filter on map
- Fixed; Speed Boosting of production line
- Fixed; pagination on War statistics
- Fixed; Having to wait a minute before you can reply a message
- Fixed; Resource Silo capacity text
- Fixed; Unable to kick political party member
- Fixed; Display of amount of congress seats to only update after congress elections

  • Nice

    Tetrod 18:36 21-02-2021
  • Tomorrow (21-2-21 @13:00 GMT) we will move to the new server, we expect a downtime of around 4 hours

    [Admin] Quasi 14:18 20-02-2021
  • Bravo nice work o7

    The Guardian 11:10 20-02-2021
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    Mr_DarkWish 11:07 20-02-2021
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    Vlad 06:21 20-02-2021
  • good job! keep up the good work !

    Kaveh 06:14 20-02-2021
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    Stryker 02:42 20-02-2021
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  • Good work. Please add closed national borders!

    LucasAlex9802 00:35 20-02-2021
  • keep it up brother you got a good game

    Moi Targaryen 00:22 20-02-2021
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  • Hey Quasi, im sure i can speak for most players who came from RR. We honestly hope the best for the game! ty bby

    Vigil 23:24 19-02-2021
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