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Progress Update 1

Day 6     02:37     01-02-2021

Hello everyone,

Let me start by welcoming everyone in TD, I hope you will all have a great time playing our little game Happy

Now that the game is running for a couple of days we all know that we had some startup problems, especially the enormous amount of bugs Sad We are sorry for any inconvenience this has cost you and are working actively to squash all the pesky little bugs.

As compensation we have sent everyone a free Token for their troubles.

Below is an update on what we have worked on since launch (for those who care):

- Added Tester Medal and Early Supporter Medal to wiki
- Added Mystery Box drop rate to wiki
- Make Name and citizenship flag clickable for mobile users
- Added retract button when government candidacy is still creating

- Turning Wiki BB code into HTML
- Tweaking weapon interaction icons
- Making region tables responsive for mobile
- Remove right column in newspaper layouts
- Increase number of visible shouts to 7 on home page
- Changed Morocco flag color scheme
- Changed styling when you have liked an article
- Make it possible for mission 10 progress to also count self hospitalization

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Country Article Newspaper links
- Fixed comment report popup text area on Devnews as it was too big
- Fixed styling to make embedded videos fit properly
- Fixed incorrect weapon dismantle formula on the wiki
- Fixed small avatars not displaying correctly
- Fix on Map; battle dots not showing
- Fix on Region; in a Wasteland region it states that there are 5 hospital beds while in fact there are 0. Wasteland regions do not have Hospitals.
- Fix on Profile; Edit profile (avatar, banner, change name) option not working
- Fix on Travel; wrong region link
- Fix on Market; not able to sell skins because the select skin dropdown is empty
- Fix on Battle; update stamina on hit in the sidebar
- Fix on utf8encoding; some chars in shouts give errors
- Fix on Pagination; not able to go to next pages
- Fix on Country newspaper; not able to like the top comment
- Fix on Travel; is the world round?
- Fix on Region: building asset button doesnt work
- Fix on Asset: building asset button doesnt work
- Fix on Missions; mission 3 does not continue
- Fix on Devnews; When editing dev news that was already published the preview does not work.
- Fix on Missions; improve mission progress message when with multiple tabs open
- Fix on Events; end of battle events and country timeline events do not display
- Fix on Government; election candidacy should not require a political party
- Fix on Tickets; link in notifications is not working
- Fix on Hospital; send to hospital when online should not be allowed
- Fix on Battle; if you have been sent to hospital and left it before recovering to full hp you are not allowed to fight in a battle
- Fix the make article button on newspaper
- Fix Country presidents can not re appoint ministers
- Fix Flags disappeared from Battle Hero medals
- Fix on Tickets; should only see your own tickets
- Fix on Tickets; should only be able to reply to your own tickets
- Fix on Congress proposal; NAP proposals showed some countries as wasteland
- Fix on Country statistics; When clicking page 2 (or others), filter defaults to citizens
- Fix on Profile; Clicking second page of friends, redirects you back to your own profile
- Fix on Travel; different stamina cost for same journey issue
- Fix on Newspaper; Players shouldnt be able to subscribe their own newspaper
- Fix on Newspaper; only able to edit your own newspaper; for country newspaper and party newspaper too
- Fix on Elections; not able to invite players to government candidacy
- Fix on Region; Player list is not showing
- Fix on Congress; proposals that end remain status "pending" and dont get accepted
- Fix on Weapon mod; loot booster variant is still in the game, needs to be removed
- Fix on Skins; Mysterybox weapon reward also gave extra skin
- Fix on Government; Banned players with gov position cant be kicked because they are not part of the gov but they still show as part of the gov
- Fix on Factory; When creating a weapon and selecting a skin other than default, going back to default doesnt update image
- Fix on Events, selecting "global" and "military" sends to "both event types"
- Fix on Elections, unable to cancel candidacy
- Fix on Missions; hospital not continue when sending yourself
- Fix on Statistics; on country statistics in some countries there are more new citizens then total citizens
- Fix on the Events page, the pagenation doesnt work
- Fix on Government; cant kick government member from government management page
- Fix on Messages; Any player can read any PM with url link and even partake in the convo
- Fix on Resources; they are not added
- Fix on Profession; battle penalty is not calculated correctly
- Fix on Battle; some battles where not ended correctly
- Fix on country; display of Active Non-Aggression Pact lists all

There was also a lot of work done on the back-end in our admin panels and overviews etc which we will keep secret for security reasons. ;)

Anyways, We would like to thank you all for your continued support of our little game project and we hope that we can build it together into something AMAZING! Cheers <3

The Devs

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